ClearLynx LITE/LITE+ : IMO 2020 Regulation and Compliance

At a glance...


Latest market intel

Access essential market intel and data spanning top ports, fuel grades and pricing indications, in preparation for IMO 2020 regulation and compliance.


Global Community

Join some of the world’s leading companies on the most comprehensive, neutral, secure and flexible IMO 2020 compliant platform for fuel purchasing.


Improved productivity

Drive efficiency, enhance visibility, improve productivity and reduce cost throughout your fuel purchasing operations team.


Business as usual

Minimal change to existing operations, it's business-as-usual - ClearLynx slots in alongside your existing operations.


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Port Template & Supplier Directory

Port Template and Supplier directories provide information on:

  • Ports of supply
  • Grades of fuel available
  • Suppliers in port with product available
  • Email auto linkage to sales traders

Directories feed into bunker inquiry templates for immediate generation and dispatch of inquiry.

IMO 2020 compliance and regulations in ClearLynx Lite



Port Map

Bunker ports with IMO 2020 compliance

Interactive Port Map:

  • Filter ports based on grades available including 2020 compliant blends
  • Data continuously updated so you get the latest grades and information
  • Includes price indications
  • Use information to assist with vessel bunkering options in forward voyage



Price Indications & Trends

Bunker Pricing feeds assist users in planning.

  • Display live price indications when working inquiries
  • See historical trends from 1 week to 5 years
  • View Trends and Spread on Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, 2020 compliant fuel oil and Crude

Bunker pricing in compliance with IMO 2020 regulations



Order Management

Bunker order management complying with regulation IMO 2020

Dashboard view of inquiries and stems provides complete overview of your company’s activity for both open and closed orders.

Use filters and advanced search features to quickly navigate to a specific order with history of stems placed on platform.



Inquiry Management

Inquiry management made easy:

  • Source counterparties from our Port Directory
  • Instantly send inquiries to suppliers in our ClearLynx Lite database
  • No double entry - ready-to-go templates include your clauses and your vessel profiles
  • Add your own traders or suppliers to also receive the inquiry
  • Receive offers direct from suppliers through the ClearLynx Lite platform OR enter details manually for offers received over phone/email
  • ClearLynx Lite calculates the estimated total for you automatically
  • Built-in barging rates calculate into the offer for comparison
  • Good 2020 audit trail for proof of sourcing compliant fuel to support Fonar, if needed

Bunker inquiry management and IMO 2020 compliance



Stem Confirmation

Bunker contract confirmation in line with IMO 2020 and Marpol 2020

On completion:

  • Accept the final price from the supplier
  • Generate a stem confirmation to the send directly to supplier
  • Custom template make it easy to always copy in your agent, lab and vessel with one click
  • All communications tracked and logged to order's audit trail ensuring compliance at all times



ClearLynx Mobile App

At the tip of your fingers, ClearLynx Mobile App:

With ClearLynx' mobile app, you can be on top of every details 24/7 no matter where you are.

ClearLynx' mobile, dynamic synchronous bid/ask trading screen automatically syncs your smartphone with your PC.

IMO 2020 compliance for bunker management available on a mobile app



Upgrade to ClearLynx Pro

Easy upgrade path from Lite/Lite+ to the ClearLynx Professional platform.

Add on or subscribe individually to any of our stand alone modules:




Get Started with ClearLynx LITE/LITE+. Take a 7-day FREE trial.


Secure Cloud Technology

Security designed for every step of the buying process. Built by industry leaders for your immediate deployment.