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100 bunker ports worldwide


Fuels tracked as market changes towards 2020


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Enhance your Application Offerings with Bunker Price Data Feeds from ClearLynx

Daily bunker price feeds give your users added value within your data application.

As part of its ClearLynx platform offering, ClearLynx makes available real-time bunker prices in over 100 worldwide bunker ports. Fuel costs, always having been the most expensive part of a ship’s operating budget, need increased visibility, especially as we enter the uncertain period of IMO 2020 planning.

Our bunker price data feeds will enable users to quickly obtain accurate bunker prices for estimation and operational purposes. This eliminates the time-consuming process of manually determining bunker prices via emails, Internet searches, phone calls, etc. Imagine the possibilities of bunker price data feeds in your application.

Your users could:

  • Instantly access the latest bunker prices by clicking on or hovering over ports on your maps
  • Get access to all the current grades of fuel and new grades of fuel as they become available
  • View delivery charges in ports where applicable
  • Analyze historical price trends and spread of and between ports
  • Display price change indicators from prior periods
  • Enhance their bunker and voyage planning decisions based on the latest prices automatically fed into voyage estimation calculations

Bunker prices data feed from expert maritime consultants

Well-documented APIs allow you to pull real time data from our system or our FTP folders enable access to our daily prices for all ports. We have over 10 years’ worth of bunker price data to instantly give your users previously inaccessible data right in the system where the need the data the most.

ClearLynx bunker price feed will allow your clients to make more informed and cost-effective bunkering decisions.

Bunker prices data feeds as part of a bunker fuel management platform
Bunker prices data feeds provided by maritime consultants
Bunker prices data feed for bunker fuel platform integration



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