Bunker Fuel Finance Solutions

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Bunker Fuel Finance Providers

ClearLynx has partnered with Amercian Express and PayClearly to offer supply chain finance that accelerate payments to suppliers and extends payment windows for buyers.


Full integration with ClearLynx

Payment integration inside the ClearLynx bunker inquiry management platform allows buyers of bunkers to benefit from balance sheet neutral financing and many other procurement related enhancements in operations, compliance and reporting.


Extended terms & increased float

Our partners offer Extended Terms and provide our marine clients competitive rates for working capital. Extended terms offsets rising interest rates and bunker fuel costs giving you more buying power. Pay suppliers quicker and earn early-pay discounts while maintaining float.


Worldwide payments

Flexible payment platform caters to the marine industry. With new technology and Worldwide Acceptance, our finance solutions give you more accuracy, speed and cost savings to better serve you and your suppliers, resulting in Smarter Payments, Better Cash Management and Greater Profit Margins.


How it works

ClearLynx Finance Solutions coupled with Extended Payment Terms results in Smarter Payments, Better Cash Management and Greater Profit Margins.

Much like a Corporate Card account, ClearLynx Finance Partners issue a revolving facility for payments. You can use it to take advantage of early payment discounts from suppliers as well as increase your float through extended payment terms.

Bunker fuel finance for bunker inquiry management and bunker contract management



Benefits for buyers

  • Ability to obtain extended payment terms from standard 30 to 90 days
  • Discounts from some suppliers specifically in countries/ports with high interest rates
  • Supplier discount could fund partial or whole cost of extended terms
  • More suppliers bidding on RFQ's
  • Free up credit lines as suppliers not limited to credit line maximums
  • Suppliers who have no credit line can be paid CIA or cash on nomination
  • One pre-negotiated margin guaranteed for life of the contract
  • Transparency on credit margin
  • Cash flow predictability and flexibility
  • Improve cost of trade credit component in price if Back to back traders used
  • Reduced staff time to handle payables

Benefits for suppliers

  • Reduce credit risk
  • Reduced cost of equivalent financing (standard or emergency) for cargoes
  • Acceleration of receivables frees up credit lines
  • Reduce disputes for payments not on time
  • Increase brand presence and sales
  • Direct Access to buyers versus automatic introduction of Back 2 Back trader
  • Reduce price volatility risk (less hedging)



Seamless Integration

ClearLynx technology helps you manage bunker data flow.

ClearLynx has worked with Commercial Operations software companies to integrate our platform into their applications. Using our web-based APIs, it is easy to push and pull information from both systems. The simple integration process give you the commercial features you want in your application while not having to sacrifice the bunker features you need in ClearLynx.

Initially, key bunker requisition data comes into ClearLynx from their systems. ClearLynx users then perform the necessary tasks of procuring the fuel and those results are store in ClearLynx.

Both bunker stem and bunker invoice data can be transferred into and out of ClearLynx, saving you the time while ensuring accuracy. Additionally, ClearLynx approval roles can be mapped to client ERP systems and exchange approval data as well.

  • Omit need for double data entry
  • Information accurately transferred between systems
  • More timely data
  • Improve the level of transparency
  • Additional data captured by ClearLynx can be fed into Commercial systems to improve their data mining capabilities
  • Having a single, true version of your data

Bunker fuel finance integrated in a bunker fuel management platform



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