ClearLynx Bunker Platform

At a glance...


More efficient

Brings efficiency to bunker fuel buying – avoid double entry and reduce Excel spreadsheets.


Work from anywhere

Software is cloud-based so quote from any computer/mobile phone with complete security of your data & prices


Transparency throughout

Built-in chat archive ∓ deal history for complete snapshot of every deal transaction


Intelligent reporting

Fix/lost Ratios, Port Margins, Claim Performance, Customer Management, Market Data Summaries (anonymous)


Business as usual

Integrates easily with existing Operations, Work Flow and/or Financial software already in place


Immediate deployment

Reduces burden on IT teams – no management of hardware or software required


Ensure compliance

Activity can be easily monitored by compliance or senior management via permissions in the secure software


Pay how you want

Pay for the software as a seat license or on the business you fix only - the choice is yours


Overview Videos

Inquiry Management

Watch our overview video to see how ClearLynx Bunker Platform manages inquiries.


Watch our overview video to see how ClearLynx Bunker Platform manages confirmations.



A neutral transactional bunker fuel management system buyer and suppliers of marine fuel

Our cloud-based Bunker Platform handles all aspects of inquiry management from procurement to payment and maintains the same process and privacy you have today when procuring/selling bunkers.

ClearLynx Bunker Fuel Management Platform drives industry best practice through workflows and audit trails. Built in email connectivity help you match suppliers with ports and manage confirmations, amendments, claims, fuel tests, documentation and invoicing. A mobile app and live chat bring ease to communication and collaboration within your team. Custom re-useable templates and integrations with leading shipping software ensure no more double entries, bringing pure efficiency to your operations.

ClearLynx Bunker Platform features include:

  • Optimization/ Planning tool - Find out more
  • Live bunker fuel pricing & historical data – Find out more
  • Bunker fuel pricing and data feeds - Find out more
  • Updated port and supplier profiles
  • Instantaneous coverage of suppliers
  • Robust Contract module
  • Claims Management module
  • Reporting & Performance Analytics
  • Audit compliance
    • Continuous deal by deal audit
    • Archived offers
    • Document Control
    • Benchmarking
    • Internal private CHAT log
  • Open API's for integration with any system - Vessel voyage/fuel testing/ Accounting



ClearLynx Bunker Platform for Buyers

ClearLynx Bunker Platform for Buyers (high level workflow)



ClearLynx Bunker Platform for Suppliers

Bunker fuel management platform with bunker prices for suppliers



Contract Management

ClearLynx gives tools to purchasers to help manage bunker contracts.

  • Enter term physical contracts with suppliers
  • Build contract formulas using index price feeds to automatically calculate and validate contract prices
  • Evaluate options for spot or contract pricing when applicable
  • Place contract pre-nominations and amendments
  • Detailed contract reporting
  • Contract Usage
  • Contract Performance

Contract Features

Create Contracts

Bunker fuel management platform with bunker contract management

  • Track contracts
  • Global contracts for all buying entities
  • Fixed or floating price contract construction
  • Date of Stem, Delivery, Floating Wrap
  • Uses index price feed for automatic contract calculations

Contract Monitor

Bunker fuel management platform with bunker contract inquiry management

  • System alerts user to available contracts
  • Evaluates spot indications compared to estimated contract prices if user has the option to place spot or contract
  • View contract usage and balances

Contract Reporting

Usage & Trending

Bunker fuel management system with bunker contract reporting

Contract vs Spot

Bunker fuel management system with bunker pricing analytics



Pricing & Analytics

Formerly known as ClearView, our Pricing & Analytics module provides real-time pricing in over 100 ports around the world, keeping you up-to-date and on top of pricing volatility and spreads. Access historical price spreads between ports and grades, monitor price volatility and view price maps with our pricing and analytics tools for collaborative decision making. Easy to use port arbitrage assists in bunkering decisions on set ports or spot deals. Add to this, news feeds, calculators and white papers to keep you ahead of the game. View on your mobile to get instant access to price indications on the go.





Data Feeds

Access real-time raw bunker pricing data in 100+ ports via our APIs and FTP service.

Our pricing feeds allow you to stream the latest pricing data straight into your systems making it instantly available to your users.

Eliminate manual data entry and bring new levels of efficiency to your data sourcing by having your team aware of indications, to support the best possible decisions in when you need them. Over a decade of historical data is also available on request for download.





Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence goes beyond just reporting, it provides you with in-depth analysis to manage risks and costs related to bunker procurement and usage. Where and when to buy, what and how much to buy as well as from who and when, are all important at time of purchase as well as learning from trends. Our expert advice and analysis ensures long- term value creation to support your critical business decisions. We monitor and review transactional data against industry best practices and peers to optimize your performance and decision making.





Optimization & Planning

Our Optimization & Planning module is a comprehensive commercial bunker refueling and on-board inventory management system, designed specifically for the marine industry. The application recommends where to refuel in voyage, highlighting the lowest priced port(s) to ensure completion of your vessel's voyage with sufficient fuel onboard on arrival at every port enroute, from start to destination port. Our intelligent recommended burn sequence software ensures the most open ullage in the cheapest port, taking into consideration all constraints.





Finance Solutions

ClearLynx have partnered with leading finance providers to offer a supply chain finance solution to the maritime industry by accelerating payments to suppliers and extending payment windows for buyers. Payment integration in to the ClearLynx platform allows buyers of bunkers to benefit from balance sheet neutral financing and many other procurement related enhancements in operations, compliance and reporting.





Discover ClearLynx Bunker Platform.

Intuitive and easy to use. Increases Efficiencies And Productivity.


Secure Cloud Technology

Security designed for every step of the buying process. Built by industry leaders for your immediate deployment.