The Complete Inquiry Management Platform For Bunker Suppliers

Market Your Business. Manage Operations. Monitor Performance.

At a glance...


Manage Your Business

One collaborative system to co-ordinate and connect key internal and external components of any order from - CRM, order management, contract management, credit, pricing, reporting and accounting.


Sales & Marketing Tools

Ensure visibility to ClearLynx's portfolio of bunker buyers in the ports you operate in. Be the first to receive inquiries. ClearLynx's Supplier Module gives you all the tools to find, manage and win business.


Comprehensive Reporting

A suite of reports covering Management, Sales Personnel and Finance. Understand your bunker team's challenges and risks, pricing & analytics and market volatility. Inform management in real time on how the business is performing through fact-based reporting.

End-to-end workflow

Key Features:

  • Company Profile
  • Users
  • Port Supply Profile
  • Customers
  • Contracts
  • Credit & CRM
  • Inquiry Management
  • Offers
  • Stem Confirmations
  • Claim Management
  • Post Fixing Invoicing
  • Pricing & Analytics
  • Reporting



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Company Profile

Customise and manage your company profile:

  • Full Company Profile, selling entity details
  • Logos for external communications
  • Physical and registered addresses
  • Organizational hierarchy settings to create and manage different selling entities
  • Selling Clauses and Seller T&C settings used on offers and confirmation communications
  • Application settings to configure screens and workflows to match your requirements



Inquiry Management

Manage your inquiries in one place:

  • Unified dashboard access across all users, ports and inquiries
  • Advanced searching and filtering
  • Each user can view the inquiries on their own dashboard
  • View inquiries in different status
  • View inquiries on the dashboard from existing ClearLynx buyers and brokers
  • Receive contract nominations from ClearLynx buyers and brokers



Manage Offers

Manage offers through to completion

  • Enter in price offers
  • Break out commissions on offers to brokers
  • Automatically populate barging and delivery charges from your port profile into offer
  • Send offers directly from within the ClearLynx or via email to offline clients
  • Negotiate online with ClearLynx buyers and brokers
  • Receive and accept firm counters
  • Mark and track Lost orders and reasons



Ports of Supply

Manage the ports where you supply:

  • Enter all your supply ports
  • Indicate emails to be used
  • Enable authorized sales people to quote for each port
  • Give users access only to parts of the application required
  • Detail barging rates and delivery charges which flow through to confirmation and invoicing
  • Track grades of fuel available at each port
  • Track delivery methods available
  • Include port-level clauses



Customer Management

Manage your customers:

  • Create and manage counterparties
  • Enter buyer staff and contact details
  • Track related buying entities
  • View buyer clauses



Contract Management

Manage and track client contracts:

  • Create contracts for each client
  • Track quantities, grades, nomination windows
  • Build contract formulas based on price indices
  • Add/Upload price indices for contract price calculations



Credit & CRM

Manage essential CRM functions:

  • Enter and track credit lines
  • Manage basic CRM functions such as tasks, meetings and to-dos



Confirm Stems

Create and manage stem confirmations

  • Create and email stem confirmations
  • Automatically populate offer details
  • Includes all agreed to terms and clauses
  • Copy in other departments such as accounting and operations
  • Easily manage amendments or cancellations




Manage and report on claims

  • Create and manage claims
  • Track initial and final claim amounts
  • Search and report on claim orders




Issue invoices direct to clients:

  • Track final quantities and charges
  • Upload BDN
  • Send documentation to buyer
  • Track payment receipts



Pricing & Analytics

Access ClearLynx's market-leading pricing and analytics platform:

  • Get insight into worldwide bunker prices
  • Track competing ports pricing and grades
  • Calculate prices spread, arbitrage and volatility
  • Access tools and calculators




Comprehensive reporting tools design to give value to:

  • Management
  • Sales Personnel
  • Accounting

The reports will assist the corporate governance in managing the Bunker Team’s challenges and risks the company is faced with. Power BI tools enable simple yet robust access to data

Reports portfolio includes:


  • Active Dashboard
  • Sales by Account
  • Sales by Salesperson
  • Sales Journal
  • Fixed Lost by Account
  • Fixed Lost by Port
  • Fixed Lost by Salesperson
  • Fixed Lost by Office
  • Stem Dashboard
  • Sales by Office
  • Stem Trending
  • Grade Distribution
  • Physical vs Traded
  • Channel Distribution
  • Port Buyer Distribution
  • Vessel Type Distribution


  • Contract Dashboard
  • Contract Trending
  • Contract vs Spot


  • Open Claims
  • Claims Dashboard

Back Office

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Uninvoiced Stems
  • Payment Terms
  • Broker Commissions



Upcoming Versions

Our Supplier Platform is continually evolving. Just some of the items on our roadmap include:

  • Integrations with Finance
  • Detailed Credit line management workflow integration to include approvals
  • Gross and Net Margins
  • Benchmarking
  • Batch Offering
  • Manage multiple inquiry channels
  • Inventory management



ClearLynx Mobile App

At the tip of your fingers, ClearLynx Mobile App:

With ClearLynx' mobile app, you can be on top of every details 24/7 no matter where you are.

ClearLynx' mobile, dynamic synchronous bid/ask trading screen automatically syncs your smartphone with your PC.




Secure Cloud Technology

Security designed for every step of the buying process. Built by industry leaders for your immediate deployment.