ClearLynx Optimization & Planning

At a glance...

Voyage safety

Ensure vessel is always refueled with inventory to the point that it can complete its intended or planned voyage

On board fuel management

Reports on best fill and burn sequence from tank setup to assist Chief Engineer to minimize quality risk in commingling

Port arbitrage

Ensures that port arbitrage is optimized by taking into consideration the lowset priced port and planned maximum ullage identified

Manage commingling

If commingling allowed: ensures Chief Engineer and Master can calculate minimum risk of contamination by optimized tank fill and burn sequence

Collaboration platform

Provides common view reporting of intentions and iterations of various refueling options for key reasons in bunker supply planning

Time efficiency

Analyzes all key variables and constraints and calculates the best combination of market price, por and quantity options in seconds

Insight & visibility

Detailed reporting gives shore-based insight to key variables that have historically been available only to the vessel, to give the bunker buyer and operator support to challenge a vessel's requests

Payback & savings

Continual use has shown savings of 1-2% of a company's bunker expenditures

Built to assist with the complex problems of the dynamic bunker refueling environment.


The Impact of Sub-Optimal Decisions

Price port arbitrage

  • Focus only on contract ports
  • Inability to monitor volatility and supplier uncertainty
  • Inability to forecast forward prices
  • Schedule senstivity

Tank capacity - under-fill

  • Lower than industry or best ship standard
  • Technical dept not aware of $ impact on budget

Safety reserve

  • High reserves due to the inflexibility to adjust to actual voyage requirements
  • Un-pumpable fuel from settler

Commingling restriction

  • Strict policy with no alternatives considered
  • No risk control if commingling on board

Burn sequence/consolidation

  • Lack of calculation tool on board
  • Chief Engineer not in sync with future bunker port options
  • Challenge to manage three types of oil on board

Poor forward planning

  • Bunker buyer not in sync with commercial forward options (tramp)
  • Reactive vs Proactive



Voyage Optimized Output

Bulk Purchasing Opporunities



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